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scin·til·la   [sin-til-uh]

a minute particle; spark; trace
1692, from fig. use of L. scintilla “particle of fire, spark, glitteringspeck, atom,” probably from PIE *ski-nto-, from base *skai- “toshine, to gleam” (cf. Goth. skeinan, O.E. scinan “to shine”).

Scintilla is a new publishing imprint for pencil-and-paper role-playing games (RPGs). This blog is to serve as housing for my thoughts and ideas, as I work (and then re-work) through the creation of my games. It will also serve as home to my thoughts and experiences regarding RPGs, and as a sounding board for anyone who stumbles across this place to leave their own thoughts and comments.

Feedback is not only welcome, but encouraged! Please comment on anything you feel compelled to speak about.


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